Nitrogen Gas Generators

Nitrogen Gas Generators

Product Details:
  • Purity: 99.99%
  • Environment Required: Open-Air
  • Gas: Nitrogen
  • Automatic Grade: Automatic
  • Capacity: 60L

Pure Nitrogen Gas Generators is one of the most critical aspects for the success in the selective soldering process, especially as a secondary solder process to electronic (s) PCBs that may have initially undergone reflow soldering. In some cases, reflow soldering is not the most effective option. Many electronic components are better suited for the selective soldering process, which offers a way to solder necessary parts for electronic devices or components that simply cannot sustain extreme heat associated with reflow soldering.

Nitrogen is an essential part of the selective soldering process. Soldering without a nitrogen atmosphere leaves solder joints open to the possibility of oxidizing. Individual components will not maintain the long term reliability expected in the harsh environments that today's circuit boards function This including everything from refrigerators to microwaves, mobile devices to satellites, military hardware to gaming consoles just to name a few.

Circuit board reliability during the reflow process is also tremendously enhanced in a controlled nitrogen environment. Reflow soldering in an "open air atmosphere" may result in the soldering of components that will not have long term reliability and often results in defects. These quality defects can be avoided by using a nitrogen generator to create a controlled nitrogen environment that results in an oven atmosphere with purity levels that meet or exceed industry standards.

Nitrogen Gas Generators

Product Details:
  • N2 Output: 40 to 70 lpm
  • Tyre Counter: LCD
  • Inlet Pressure: 7 to 8 bar
  • N2 Outlet Pressure: 6 bar
  • Main Display: LED
  • Vacuum Display: Optical
  • Approx Unit Weight: 75 Kgs
  • Storage Tank: 70 Ltrs.
  • Nitrogen Purity: 95 to 99%
  • Pre Filter Type: Submicron
  • Automatic Grade: Automatic

We are offering a wide range of Nitrogen Gas Generators which is used for Filling Nitrogen in your tires with Cherry Precision Products. Nitron Nitrogen generators area good way to provide precise performance and safety to your tires. It is assumed that in comparison to normal compressed air nitrogen will leak about less than one-third time. Moreover, a Nitrogen molecule is bigger in sizes than compressed air. Nitrogen offers various advantages.



  • Tyre Counter: This automatically indicates the 'number of tires" inflated at that point of time. Easy to read LCD Display can store up to 99999 counts
  • Metric / PSI Display: Tire pressure can be indicated either in Metric units as kg/cm2 or in Imperial units as psi through selector bottoms in the front panel. The corresponding light will glow
  • Dual Display: Both SET PRESSURE and ACTUAL PRESSURE can be read in the large LED / LCD displays in the front panel
  • Vacuumizer: This feature is intended to be used in tires which are to be filled with Nitrogen for the first time. In order to effectively evacuate the normal compressed air from tire, VAC duration in seconds has to be selected. Using the UP DN selector switches provided next to LCD display unit VAC duration can be varied from 1 to 180 seconds depending on the size of the tire. Normally about 60 to 90 seconds us rescinded for cars. To conserve energy we advocate against using VAC. The normal compressed air can be vented out using the valve in the tire. Let us save energy for our future generation
  • Mode Selector: The mode selector is used to select amongst Motor Cycles / Cars / LCV. This in turn selects the appropriate valve constant too quickly and safety complete tire inflation
  • Cycle Start: CYCLE START button when pressed, starts the VAC cycle and automatically switches over to SET PRESSURE and completes the cycle with a BEEP Indication
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